It’s logical for each type of bike to have a special characteristic; an urban bicycle must be prepared to tackle the city.

This translates into a bike that is easy to ride, with excellent breaks, comfortable but fast, light but strong and ready to travel.


We build every Rabasa NOVA with your collaboration. Choose the colours and its components. We will make it for you.

Our bicycles are made in a workshop in Mollet del Vallès, just outside Barcelona. Each of them is handcrafted, personally, one by one.

You can choose one of our designs or, if you want, adapt one to fit your wishes.

Since every bicycle we build is handmade, you can choose to change every component you want. You’ll just have to wait slightly more.

Explore the process in Rabasa Lab.
Our goal has never been to maximize production, but to produce a bike that is perfect even in its smallest details, and it fills us with pride to do it in Barcelona. For example, the dropout is one of the characteristic parts of a good bicycle frame, which is why we have developed our own Rabasa dropout, able to to tighten the bike’s chain and optimize it even when it expands due to frequent use. All Rabasa products have a distinct look and design, as wells as a superior attention to detail. We don’t take any risks with your NOVA: even its box is made with the greatest care. And it has been awarded the prestigious Laus 2013 award, along with our corporate design.
The NOVA is the result of our efforts; an Elegant, Singular, Efficient, Committed and Reliable vehicle.



Frame and Fork
Reynolds 631 tubes. Made in Birmingham, UK. Double Butted. Tig Welded in Rabasa Lab.
Overall weight of the frame and fork: 2.5kg. Total weight of the Nova: 11kg.
Painted in our facilities.

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