They say riding a bike is one of the few things you never forget in a lifetime. In my case, bicycles were already part of my world long before I could even ride them.

My grandfather, Simeó Rabasa, had a feeling bicycles would turn out to be the vehicle of the future. He was amazed at this two-wheeled artifact. It was rationally perfect. It did not consume energy, it could support weight and it was the happiest way to travel. He believed in it so much that in 1922 he established his own bicycle firm, Rabasa, and pedalled with it for more than 70 years.

It may be true that dreams are inherited. I have always associated riding bicycles with a lifestyle and a commitment to the environment. Respecting the quietness and greeting passers by. That is why I would like to go on universalizing the use of bicycles in the urban environment. It is definitely necessary in the present circumstances in cities nowadays.

Rabasa starts a new era. A new revolution. New because it is done through brand new models which are an answer to modern mobility needs in the cities and for different users. Efficiency and fun while getting around. That is the key.

Rabasa will continue to be loyal to the values and beliefs we’ve had since we were born: resistant bicycles which combine usefulness and entertainment. The ambition is the same again. Simplifying complexity.

We count on you for this new adventure.


Albert Adami Rabasa
General Manager